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stainless steel floor grates High quality linished stainless steel floor grates ACO Wexel functional floor drainage systems Floor & roof drainage systems to suit various applications ACO Wexel gullies for building Robust - Load tested to EN 1253: Gullies for buildings ACO Wexel

ACO Wexel is a range of cast iron roof and floor drains to suit almost any application, from pedestrian areas to flat roofs on any commercial or industrial project.

Stainless steel floor grates are available both with and without cast iron bodies, for either a push-fit or deep body connection.

  • Robust cast iron bodies
  • High quality linished stainless steel floor grates
  • Push-fit grates and bodies compatible with HDPE and PVC pipe
  • Durable sheradised (applied zinc coating) iron roof grates

The range includes:

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Cast Iron Floor And Roof Drains

Cast iron floor and roof drains

cast iron floor and roof drains

ACO Wexel is a range of cast iron floor and roof drains. The wide range of products is designed for use in a variety of areas including commercial kitchens, roofs, balconies and other general-purpose areas.

The product range offers push-fit and full bodied floor drains, products with and without membrane clamp rings and puddle flanges, planter box outlets and more.

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Case studies for ACO Wexel solutions

Lachlan’s Line Bridge, Sydney,

Removing stormwater runoff quickly from the 170m long bridge was important for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. With minimal depth to work above the bridge’s beams, designers needed a compact yet effective drainage system.

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Founders Lane, Braddon, ACT

With a variety of finished floor levels throughout the site, different types of drainage was required to efficiently remove surface water from its pavements. A combination of trench drains and floor wastes were needed to be installed with pedestrian safe grates.

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The Camfield, Perth WA

Drainage is required in the numerous bar areas as designers wanted to ensure standing liquid was not a hazard for bar staff. Designers also wanted the drainage elements to be unobtrustive and suitable for use with cleaning chemicals.

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