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Coles Supermarket - Ripley Valley Shopping Centre, Brisbane, QLD

Located in Queensland’s fastest growing region, the Ripley Town Centre is a modern sub-regional shopping centre servicing the local community. The first stage of construction incorporated more than 9000m2 of retail space and is home to a Coles supermarket, a medical centre, Anytime Fitness and approximately twenty speciality stores.

Project Design Brief

During regular wash downs in the bakery area, floors are to be kept free of hazardous standing water for the safety of staff. Additionally, solid floor waste such as food scraps had to be intercepted from entering the underlying pipework. Therefore all floor drains needed to be durable to withstand various cleaning chemicals and be self-contained.

ACO's Solution

  • ACO Wexel Compact Bucket Trap stainless steel floor drain.


  • The push-fit floor drains are supplied complete with O-rings to provide a quick connection to the pipework
  • Hex socket screws are used to fix the stainless steel grate securely into place, whilst enabling access for cleaning
  • The fixed and removable strainers in the floor drain ensure food scraps and debris are prevented from entering the wastewater system
Ripley Valley Shopping Centre

Other ACO products used:

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