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Introducing the ACO Wexel Range

ACO Wexel rangeIntroducing ACO Wexel, ACO’s specially designed range of cast iron floor drains and roof drains. The ACO Wexel range has been designed to suit almost any application, from pedestrian areas to flat roofs on any commercial or industrial project.

Because the ACO Wexel range has been developed for use in various applications, it is designed to be versatile. The range comprises round and square push-fit floor drains, adjustable height full-bodied floor drains, roof drains and drain grates as well as other accessories.

Stainless steel floor grates are available both with and without cast iron bodies, for either a push-fit or deep body connection, and a number of differently designed iron bodies are available to suit both internal and external applications.

The fully comprehensive range also includes adjustable height tops which can accommodate various floor and roof levels, as well as clamp rings and puddle flanges to suite different waterproof membranes. Bucket traps and other variants are also available. But don’t worry, if you don’t know what these terms mean, we’ll take a look at the range in detail below.

Push-fit floor drains

Push-fit (or push-in) floor drains are easy-to-install vertical floor drains that collect water runoff via a vertical pipe. The push-in drains in the ACO Wexel range include ‘O-ring’ seals to provide a fast watertight connection between the floor drain and the grate. Below the grate, compact bucket traps can be fitted with either a fixed or removable bucket trap strainer.

Both the round and square push-in floor drains in the ACO Wexel range include stainless steel lockable Heelguard drain grates. They are also fitted with nitrile rubber seals to allow push in joint connection suiting PVC and HDPE pipes. Round push-in floor drains and drain grates are ideal for use in screeded and vinyl sheet floors, such as in hospitals, while the square floor drains and grates are ideal for tile floors, requiring minimal tile cuts to fit neatly in the floor design.

Full bodied floor drains

ACO Wexel includes a comprehensive range of adjustable-height full bodied floor drains with stainless steel drain grates for vertical and horizontal pipe connections. A variety of sizes from compact to deep variants are available to suit a wide range of applications. The ACO Wexel range comprises five types of full bodied floor drains: vertical utility floor drains, vertical short floor drains, vertical deep floor drains, vertical puddle flange floor drains and horizontal floor drains. All types are fitted with nitrile rubber seals to allow push in joint connection suiting PVC and HDPE pipes.

Roof drains

ACO Wexel roof drains are fitted with lockable sherardised iron drain grates for conventional run-off collection. They are available with flat or dome grates and are suitable for flat roofs, car parks and similar exposed areas.

Other products and accessories

In addition to floor and roof drains and drain grates, the ACO Wexel range also includes strainer baskets to catch sediment and trade waste, planter drain outlets for boxes requiring excess drainage and solid covers which provide a sealed access point to the plumbing for maintenance.

The wide range of products available in the ACO Wexel range means that the specific requirements for each application can be matched by one or more of our products. For specific information about ACO Wexel floor and roof drains, including sizing and part numbers, click here or view our Technical Handbook and Product Catalogue for more information.

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